What’s the Fuss about International Clinical Trials Day?

by Dorothy Radke, DATATRAK Director Marketing Communications

Today, May 20 is International Clinical Trials Day.

While no one will light a candle on a cake or sing an upbeat song, it’s an important day to just stop and think about clinical research and its effect.

Over 268 years ago, a scientist, James Lind, began trials to try and find out what caused scurvy.  Since then thousands upon thousands of scientists and clinical researchers have set out on similar missions to improve the lives of millions around the globe.

And while some research is successful, much of it is not. But that doesn’t mean science wasn’t advanced. Or that something wasn’t learned. So while we may know more about those efforts that resulted in treatment being made available to the general public – everything from antibiotics to chemotherapy and beyond – every effort should be recognized.

The trick is to optimize the time and investment in clinical research.  The sooner trials can provide insight on the impact of the substance or device at hand, the faster the research can move on to the next phase.  Or end.  With the learning from that research applied to the next effort.

So the next time you reach for some headache medicine or are provided with a prescription by your physician, remember the many researchers, clinical trial patients, and the companies, like DATATRAK, that took part in the process. And the many efforts that led to the successful development of your treatment.

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