About DATATRAK, our vision, and our history.

The DATATRAK vision is to be the clinical enterprise solution to safely accelerate every drug, every biologic, and every device, from Concept to Cure®.

DATATRAK International, Inc. has the longest-standing history of any EDC (Electronic Data Capture) provider in the clinical trials industry. DATATRAK began with an EDC focus in 1995 and acquired its own product suite from EDS Germany in January 1998. This product suite was renamed DATATRAK EDC.

The company saw annualized revenue growth rates of 40 to 60 percent from 2002 through 2005 and offered an unparalleled EDC solution that was widely utilized.  But the market was changing.  The DATATRAK Management Team foresaw needs of the industry to bring true cost and time savings to clinical trials.  The next generation of solutions would need to deliver a unified, multi-component software architecture that would leave behind the cumbersome nature and expense of disparate, integrated solutions.

In February 2006, DATATRAK acquired the most complete and unified software architecture in the industry in the innovative platform developed by ClickFind, Inc. of Bryan, Texas. The product suite, DATATRAK eClinical® contained many different clinical trial functions and workflow capabilities.

In October 2010 DATATRAK saw the need to support clients with services, forming a new department, DATATRAK Clinical and Consulting Services (DCCS). DCCS expanded the DATATRAK operations support services group to provide learning solutions, a comprehensive Solution Center, trial design and project management capabilities with expanded support service.

Today, DATATRAK ONE® provides an all-in-one clinical enterprise solution that empowers clinical users and service providers with the components necessary for efficiently designing, delivering and managing clinical trials.

In 2013, DATATRAK completed a transformational upgrade to the DATATRAK ONE® platform, activating unsurpassed user benefits.  The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™removes complexities in clinical research, safely accelerating the ultimate outcome of every trial.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience includes the following products: UX CTMS™, UX Trial Design™, UX EDC & Medical Coding™, UX Randomization and Trial Supply Management™, UX Patient Data Capture™, UX Safety™ and UX Training™.

Looking forward, we remain focused on removing complexities in clinical research, safely accelerating every drug, every biologic, and every device, from Concept to Cure®.