DATATRAK International, Inc. Announces Enterprise Cloud Product Enhancements

CLEVELAND, September 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DATATRAK International, Inc. (OTC Markets: DTRK), a software-as-a-service provider and innovation leader of cloud-based technologies for the life sciences industry, today announced the release of DATATRAK Enterprise Cloud version 14.3.

Unlike many available eClinical solutions, DATATRAK has always provided a unified platform, and single data source for all of its products, eliminating many of the complexities that are currently found with other eClinical vendors. With this release, DATATRAK further advances as a leading innovator in the eClinical Marketplace. The Company is proud to offer sponsors and CROs expanded features to its CTMS and EDC products.

Two of the key CTMS enhancements are full interface translation to Kanji, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese and the ability to capture and view data in multiple languages. “This specific enhancement made to the Enterprise Cloud Platform fuels our growth in Asia,” said Jim Bob Ward, CEO and President of DATATRAK. “This is merely another step in our long-term commitment of bringing industry leading solutions to clinical researchers worldwide.”

In addition to translations, the capabilities of the CTMS Monitoring Report functions have been expanded allowing reports to be exported in PDF with eSignature information for thorough record keeping and archival purposes.

Two of the major EDC platform enhancements are the new Teamwork feature and Missing Forms Report. The Teamwork feature expands DATATRAK’s trial design tool set to support an unlimited number of designers working in parallel on the same trial configuration while mitigating the risk of design conflicts, empowering clients to have greater control over their study development lead times. The Missing Forms Report can be configured for use on EDC studies to allow study teams to respond in real time to assessments which may not have been completed when expected or to data entry latency issues at investigational sites. “DATATRAK has always worked within an entrepreneurial ‘do more with less’ mindset,” said Tim Lyons, Vice President of Product Development and Operations at DATATRAK. “These new features exemplify why DATATRAK’s customers rely on our Enterprise Cloud as the technology they leverage to achieve greater operational efficiency in their clinical trial executions.”

“Through regular collaboration with industry experts, DATATRAK has developed these improvements and is continually working to push the boundaries of what EDC and CTMS technologies can provide our clients,” commented Scott DeMell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DATATRAK. “Our clients are seeing the benefits of the unified Enterprise Cloud, and after each release we are seeing increased interest in our innovations.”