Datatrak is Exhibiting at SCDM 2019

We are Eager for SCDM

Datatrak is excited to showcase the Datatrak Enterprise Cloud at the SCDM Annual conference in Baltimore.  The SCDM Annual conference concentrates on offering unrivaled opportunities to discover cutting-edge data management solutions and best practices in the Clinical Data Management industry.  With our latest innovations of automatic adjudication workflows for safety endpoints and images along with our recent announcement of Datatrak Direct, an ePRO, eCOA and eConsent product, we feel the SCDM Annual Conference is the right place for data management professionals to see the advancements the Datatrak Enterprise Cloud has made the past few years.  

While at the Annual DIA conference in San Diego, we had a lot of interest in the ability to use one vendor to collect all data required for a clinical trial which simplifies overhead required by the data management group.  The ability for clients to configure not only EDC applications but also ePRO and eConsent gives the power to the data management teams to manage their design and timelines during the start-up process as well as during protocol amendments.  The Datatrak Enterprise Cloud makes a data manager’s job easier by giving them design control and having powerful data cleaning and analytic tools to clean data faster.


Our Team is Ready for You!

We know the data management job is demanding and each organization has different needs based on their specific protocols and products. We have seen it all with our 28 years of experience!  We will have our product specialist ready to discuss your specific needs and show you how the highly configurable Datatrak Enterprise Cloud can be configured to make your life easier.  Stop by Booth #212 or book a Demo ahead of time here: