Medical Imaging Capture

Medical Imaging Capture

Medical Imaging and its embeded data play a pivotal role in new protocol development. This is becoming a critical source of big data and the demand for analytics for better decision making. Datatrak’s Medical Imaging Capture allows for the analysis and annotation of image data, including the versioned images, processed into Datatrak’s EDC platform. Whether you are utilizing CORE lab services, or conducting internal scientific research, Datatrak will enhance your information needs with our sophisticated enterprise platform.



Capture any DICOM Image

Remote capture any image based on the DICOM standard. Working with the specifications from your protocol, we identify the bio-markers and measures you want to capture, including the initial image capture.

Automatic eCRF Imports

The client specified information is automatically displayed into the appropriate clinical trial eCRF with the necessary edit checks and notifications automatically triggering based on the specifications of the study. 

Analyze and Annotate

Based on client roles and permissions, internal and 3rd parties have the ability to analyze and annotate the image, creating derivative files to be uploaded back into the system, which will display new image information to the eCRF.

Reader Adjudication

Combine image reader adjudication within a centralized EDC system. Use intelligent workflows to manage your reader adjudication process while keeping the blinding and permission restrictions. Whether your adjudication process is simple or complex, these tools have the flexibility to address your own specific needs.

Full EDC Functionality

The information captured from the images is automatically processed though our EDC, allowing real-time alerts, dependency checks and reports. Audit trails and version control allow the users to track and view the most current image.

Clinical Trial Image capture
FDA Submissions

The data captured, the DICOM image, and all derivative files are automatically versioned for controlled access through our file repository. The DICOM images and all data captured can be included in your FDA submission.  

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