RTSM Features:

  • Datatrak‘s adaptive trial design lets you easily manage changes to drug supply and shipment strategies.
  • Custom applications, based on your trial, allow you to implement simple randomization schedules to complex algorithms depending on your protocol specifications.
  • Run real-time edit checks against live clinical data to ensure that randomization schedules are cleanly executed while powerful minimization algorithms can optimize enrollment.
  • Automatically assign drugs at the point of randomization, at a single visit, or across multiple visits. Inventory management utilities allow users to define automatic resupply and track shipments.
  • Leverage blinded and un-blinded roles to control the visibility of information in inventory and randomization events through blinded and un-blinded user roles.
  • Datatrak excels in industry standards compliance to help clinical studies become more efficient, safer and easier to submit to regulatory agencies. This includes being 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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