The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ offers a variety of benefits to meet the specific needs of clinical research markets.

Contract Research Organizations (CROs): With the needs of the Contract Research Organization (CRO) market in mind, the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ removes complexities in clinical trials, delivering time and cost savings. We offer an easy-to-use, reliable and flexible solution. With a single sign-on to all trials on the platform, a single data source, and visibility to all data across trials, the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ drives time and cost savings for your sponsors.

Pharma & BiotechDATATRAK removes complexities in clinical trials, minimizing downtime with no required data manipulation.  The agile implementation of mid-study changes allows continuous work in the eCRF during rollout.  By never needing to stop the work of the trial for mid-study changes, additional time and cost savings are realized, safely accelerating the trial.

Devices:  With the unique needs of the device industry in mind, the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ has the flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of any device trial. DATATRAK appreciates the changing regulatory landscape device companies are facing. We can combine proven technology with industry expertise to meet your needs whether it is to collect clinical trial data to support a pre-market authorization for approval, or to monitor post-market product use.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ addresses the unique needs of  each market and their clinical trials.  To find out how we can safely accelerate your trial, just Get In Touch.