Contract Research Organization – CRO

With the needs of Contract Research Organization (CRO) professionals always in mind, the DATATRAK ONE®Unified Experience™ removes clinical trial complexities, providing an easy-to-use, reliable and flexible solution.

With a single sign-on to all trials on the platform, a single data source, and visibility to all data across trials, the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ drives time and cost savings on every trial.  There is never a need for data migration, nor do you experience downtime for mid-study changes.  In fact, you can continue to work in the eCRF during mid-study changes, improving the efficiency of trial team members.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ offers an intuitive and configurable user interface, with customizable homepage reporting for each trial, so the unique information you need on each trial is easily accessible.  Our powerful data cleaning functionality allows CRAs, Data Managers, Medical Monitors, etc. to review the status of data cleaning as well as review the data to perform cleaning per patient and in batch.

Training on all DATATRAK solutions is uncomplicated and easy, with solutions featuring the same look and feel, functionality, and reporting tools across solutions.  We offer a full suite of eClinical solutions that can easily be used in any combination.

DATATRAK ONE® lets CROs control and manage the solutions they choose in-house, or DATATRAK can provide supplemental services depending on your needs.

All offered at an affordable single or multi-trial rate.

If you are interested in offering the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ to your trial sponsors as a preferred solution, join the DATATRAK CONNECT® CRO Partner Program.  Find out more about the CRO Partner Program and Get in Touch.

Find out how the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ removes complexities in your trials, resulting in better site compliance, better data, and ultimately, the safe acceleration of every trial.