DATATRAK CONNECT® Technology Partners

DATATRAK is committed to offering the most comprehensive set of technology solutions to our clients.  To that end, we invite companies who offer complementary products to join the DATATRAK CONNECT® Technology Partners Program.

By joining the DATATRAK CONNECT® Technology Partner Program, your participation, whether confidential or public, expands usage and awareness of your products.  With thousands of trials and hundreds of clients around the globe, our Technology Partners gain rapid exposure across phases and trial types.

Additional benefits include:

Customized Consulting Program
Experienced eClinical technology professionals provide the expertise needed for tailoring and deploying DATATRAK ONE®.

Sales and Marketing Support
From joint events and website placement, to webinars and more, awareness and promotion of our partners solutions are distributed to thousands of prospects.

Current DATATRAK CONNECT® Technology Partners:

SAS Alliance Program activates data flow from DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ solutions to SAS Drug Development across a breadth of development programs. SAS Drug Development helps organizations make informed clinical and business decisions; streamline and optimize analysis and reporting processes; assess safety and efficacy more effectively; and improve collaboration with business partners and regulatory authorities.