White Papers

DATATRAK’s White Papers combine our decades of experience in the Life Sciences industry with the most current insights in technology and the clinical research industry.

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Distinguishing CTMS 360 From the Competition
DATATRAK‘s revolutionary CTMS 360 (Clinical Trial Management System) redefines industry standards. This white paper gives an in-depth look at the power of CTMS 360 compared to the competition.

Simplifying the Regulatory Submission Process with a Modern CTMS
See how responsive software can eliminate redundancy, reduce user error, improve workflow efficiency and deliver actionable data to streamline and simplify the management of regulatory submission in clinical trials.

Is Unified Data the Solution in Clinical Research?
In this article, the benefits of unified data are considered, and how it can reduce risk, improve patient safety, and result in higher quality data.

Top Clinical Research Trends
How the increasing cost of drug development, alternative approaches to monitoring, and transparency, among other trends, evolved in 2014 and how they may impact the future of clinical research.

Technology Trends Transforming Clinical Trials
Mobile, Social, Big Data and Cloud: How these technology trends can transform the clinical research industry.

Using Cloud Based Technology in Clinical Trials
To maximize the benefits of Cloud-based technology, you need to know what to look for and how to manage it.

A Brief History and Look at the Future of Electronic Data Capture
EDC solutions continue to gain acceptance around the globe.  Looking back, the past can tell us a thing or two about the possible future.

Delivering the Unified Experience Today
Defining the term ‘Unified’ and what it means to the clinical research industry.  The Unified Experience brings the industry closer to the promise of technology for trials.

Integrating Trial Data Processes Across Functional Areas using Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Technology
Companies are viewing procedures not only within but across functional areas to streamline data flow and the development process.

Keeping Your AE-Concomitant Medication Associations Clean
With complex associations between AEs and Concomitant Medications, challenges and obstacles can arise when associations are manually managed.

Examining Rescue Studies
A look at the work and risks involved in a rescue study, and the actions that can help avoid or mitigate these risks during a deployment.

A Unified Approach to Clinical Trials
Insight on how a Unified Approach enhances the safety, simplicity, and speed of clinical trials.