The DATATRAK Solution Center is on a mission to provide support and answer every question in a professional, efficient, timely and highly effective way.  They are the first point of contact for all DATATRAK customers, and in most cases, the last as they resolve 95% of all incoming requests.

This isn’t a typical call center.  Our Solution Center is staffed 100% by our own trained employees. Support is provided to global users every day, with each contact documented and tracked.   The Solution Center agent provides support for each incoming call or email and when required, serves as the liaison to other DATATRAK experts to provide quick resolution to each issue.

Solution Center
ATATRAK provides a Solution Center, not just a help desk. Our international Solution Center is available to not just give you help, but provide a solution.  With interpreter assistance available for many different languages, our team’s singular focus is to provide a quick resolution to your issue.

Real Technical Support
Our own employees staff the DATATRAK Solution Center.  These experts have been extensively trained in our products to support customers worldwide. Any representative who answers the phone is trained to answer your questions, thereby eliminating costly downtime waiting for resolution. Our ongoing performance monitoring proves that the agent who answers the call resolves more than 95% of all customer questions.

Global Support
The DATATRAK Solution Center has experience supporting all phases of the clinical study process, around the globe.  With current studies in over 59 countries and hundreds of sites, we are well equipped to address whatever issues may arise. As DATATRAK continues to expand its product and service offerings, the Solution Center continues to advance its expertise and team staffing to meet our growing customer base.

Multiple Levels of Support
While the Solution Center solves 95% of the incoming calls, it is the bridge for additional support levels within the organization, at every level.

DATATRAK is committed to providing the resources necessary to resolve your issues in a timely, professional manner, so you can get back to the trial.