To ensure our customers receive service that fits their trial scope, we offer a variety of training options, including Web-based, remote conferencing, and classroom training. We make it our priority to answer any questions, and see to it that you have all the resources you need to execute a successful trial.

Web-Based Training
ATATRAK gives you the option to train an unlimited number of Investigators simultaneously. Through our Web-based training program, eTrain, we can train anyone, anywhere in the world. DATATRAK is a pioneer in the online learning market, offering this convenient service and working with our clients to continue to advance functionality.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Our eTrain course includes a number of short sectional lessons. We know that to be effective, you must deliver comprehensive learning that can be demonstrated through user interaction and a final assessment. We also know that timing is tricky; we let users save their place in the training and resume at a later time.

Proof of Training
DATATRAK offers online training certificates that can be downloaded at any time by the user or an administrator, either through UX Training™ or directly from the eTrain system.

Readily Accessible
Users only need an Internet browser to access eTrain, which is available anytime throughout the life of the trial. Users can access training from any location, at any time. Web-based training is an ideal solution for site turnover or even for use as a refresher course.

Live Classroom
ATATRAK Learning Solutions Specialists conduct hands-on training sessions for Investigators and CRAs at central sites, including Investigator meetings. We are entirely mobile, using laptop computers to train Investigators and CRAs to use DATATRAK solutions in a hands-on session.  The most personalized approach to learning, the live classroom gives you the flexibility to decide what you want to focus on.

Site Visit
Face-to-face training is also available. DATATRAK Learning Solutions Specialists can travel to your study site to conduct training for site personnel on the topics you need most.

Distance Learning
Live, long-distance training sessions can be conducted as ‘Shadow Training.’  This training lets trainees log in to the DATATRAK Training Server, with the Trainer sharing the screen view to see the real-time actions of the attendees on their own computer.  Trainees control the actions, with the trainer watching, providing a real-time, hands-on experience without the added expense of travel.

Whatever your training needs are, DATATRAK will work with you to fit the unique needs of your trial.