UX EDC & Medical Coding

Capture and deliver your data with UX EDC & Medical Coding™.

Is your data trapped in your clinical trial software? from DATATRAK International, Inc.

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DATATRAK ONE® UX EDC & Medical Coding™ gives you higher quality data with powerful user-friendly tools. With configurable features, UX EDC & Medical Coding™ supports the specific data needs of each trial, providing insight to the status of the trial with personalized dashboard reporting.  Edit checks activate upon data entry, not after you have already entered the data, supporting immediate corrections while the information is still easily available, reducing the need for queries.

Improve the quality of your data from the start with DATATRAK ONE® UX EDC & Medical Coding™.

Built for Enhanced Monitoring
Partial Metadata functionality gives you the flexibility to be more innovative in your monitoring and data cleaning approaches, including Risk Based Monitoring.

Easier mid-study changes
Featuring no required downtime or data moves, continuous work in the eCRF, and safe implementation with just a few clicks, mid-study changes have minimal impact on productivity.

Higher Quality Data from the start
With edit checks beginning with data entry, while the information is still easily accessible, you can quickly make any corrections or notes before entering.

Clean Data Faster
Tools including the Alert and Query Manager let Monitors and Data Managers quickly identify and manage data.

Improve Site Compliance
Trials are easily managed with visual and data reporting on site status.

Unified Medical Coding
You don’t need to move data or access a separate coding system, generating trial efficiency.

Industry Standards
DATATRAK excels in Industry Standards compliance to help clinical studies become more efficient, safer, and easier to submit to regulatory agencies. This includes being compliant with the guidelines stated in Title 21 CFR Part 11.

UX EDC & Medical Coding™ is just one solution offered in the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ removes complexities in clinical research through our Unified eClinical solutions and consulting services, delivering time and cost savings while safely accelerating your trial.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Platform is the foundation of our efficiencies, providing a single data source that powers all DATATRAK solutions, eliminating data integration, providing exceptional system reliability, and enabling agile mid-study changes delivered on an easy-to-use interface.

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