Unified Experience™

DATATRAK ONE Unified Experience® digital Clinical solutions & services simplifies clinical research, delivering time and cost savings while safely accelerating trials. The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Platform powers all DATATRAK solutions, delivering efficiencies of a single data source including the elimination of data integration and minimal downtime, enabling agile mid-study changes.

With industry-leading system reliability built for the Cloud, an exceptional User Experience, and a greater value, DATATRAK ONE Unified Experience leads to better site compliance, better data, and ultimately a safer trial.

UX CTMS 360™: Plan and Manage Your Trial
UX Trial Design™:
Design to Deployment in One Tool
UX EDC & Medical Coding™:
Capture and Deliver Your Data
UX Randomization & Clinical Supply Management™:
Randomize Patients & Automate Supply
UX Training™
: Train Users and Track Certificates

DATATRAK digital Clinical solutions are 21CFR11 compliant, easy to use, with a single sign-on, a single user-friendly interface, unmatched user specific configurability, and intuitive training.

It’s easy to get started with the DATATRAK ONE Unified Experience, and you will immediately begin to realize the many benefits of the Unified Experience™.

DATATRAK Clinical Consulting Services (DCCS) provides expertise across all trial types and phases, becoming an extension of your team, infusing our customer-centric approach with partners worldwide.

DATATRAK digital Clinical solutions remove complexities in clinical research through a superior user experience, which leads to better site compliance, better data, and ultimately a safer trial.