Unified Platform

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Platform is the foundation of our efficiency, providing a single data source that powers all DATATRAK solutions, eliminating redundant processes.


Built for the Cloud, the Unified Experience™ provides industry leading system availability, real-time data, all the time, on every connected device around the world.

Using sophisticated data security technology, we protect your data, keeping it safe, secure and available only to authorized Users.

Scalability is effortless, leveraging the power of the Cloud.

Improve productivity 
Mid-study changes are seamlessly implemented, with no required data moves that may require downtime.  Users can continue to work in the eCRF during the change, improving the productivity of the trial.

Faster insights to drive faster decisions
Data are accessed centrally with new entries immediately reflected in every connected solution and available on any device, around the globe.

Reduce queries with exceptional data quality
Single data source architecture means data are all in one location, all the time.  That means no required data movement, reducing risk and the need for reconciliation and validation.  Ultimately, the result is better data, from the start.

Flexibility and Availability of the Cloud
Delivered solely through the cloud, software improvements are managed and released seamlessly to the user.

Responds to the needs of each trial
As the industry and technology advance, DATATRAK is uniquely positioned to quickly and easily continue to improve our system to meet the evolving needs of clinical research.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Platform activates the Unified Experience™, delivering an exceptional user experience, with a single source of truth, which leads to better site compliance, better data, and ultimately a safer trial.