UX Randomization & Trial Supply Management

Randomize patients and automate supply with UX RTSM™.


DATATRAK ONE® UX Randomization and Trial Supply Management™ (UX RTSM™) supports all types of protocol requirements while dispensing, controlling and automating drug supply fulfillment.

The robust Manager tool lets users view, filter, update and export information on drug containers, drug assignments, shipments and randomization schedules on demand.

Some of the benefits of UX RTSM™ include:

Simple and Powerful Randomization
Real-time checks against live clinical data ensure that randomization schedules are cleanly executed on qualified patients while powerful minimization algorithms can optimize enrollment. Implement simple randomization schedules to complex algorithms based on the protocol specifications.

Automate Trial Supply Assignment and Inventory Management
Automatically assign supplies at the point of randomization, at one time, or across multiple visits. Inventory management utilities allow users to define automatic resupply events and track shipments managing email notifications along the way.

Adaptive Trial Design
Easily manage change to trial supply and shipment strategies.

Leverage Blinded and Unblinded Roles
Control the visibility of information in inventory and randomization events.

Industry Standards
DATATRAK excels in Industry Standards compliance to help clinical studies become more efficient, safer, and easier to submit to regulatory agencies. This includes being compliant with the guidelines stated in Title 21 CFR Part 11.

UX Randomization and Trial Supply Management™ is just one solution offered in the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ removes complexities in clinical research through our Unified eClinical® solutions and consulting services, delivering time and cost savings while safely accelerating your trial.

The DATATRAK ONE® Unified Platform is the foundation of our efficiencies, providing a single data source that powers all DATATRAK solutions, eliminating data integration, providing exceptional system reliability, and enabling agile mid-study changes delivered on an easy-to-use interface.

Book a demo to see how the DATATRAK ONE® Unified Experience™ delivers a superior user experience, which leads to better site compliance, better data, and ultimately a safer trial.