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DATATRAK Announces Appointment of Julia Henderson as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Cleveland, OH, March 29, 2016 – DATATRAK International, Inc. (OTC: DTRK) announces that Julia Henderson has been appointed as its Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer effective March 28, 2016, upon the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors. Julia served as DATATRAK’s Controller and has been with our company and its finance department since 2006. She has deep institutional knowledge of our company and our industry. Julia is the perfect candidate to be our CFO. She is highly dedicated and has demonstrated long-term loyalty to Datatrak.

“Everyone we spoke to highly recommended Julia and strongly encouraged us to promote her to the CFO position,” remarked Chairman of the Board, Alex Tabatabai. DATATRAK’s CEO and President, Jim Bob Ward, added that, “Julia is proactive and aware of all our financial and business issues and always offers intelligent solutions to our business issues. We have total confidence in her abilities.”

The Board believes that DATATRAK has an excellent executive team with the abilities and integrity to demonstrate consistent long-term performance that will lead to high achievement in the key areas of our business. Our new leadership is having a positive impact on the business, employees and customers. We are only a few months into the new DATATRAK and are already gaining significant positive momentum. We will be providing our Company’s annual report by or before April 14th. We filed for a brief extension so that our newly appointed executives are able to meaningfully contribute to this important report to our shareholders.