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Move From Design to Deployment in One Easy Solution

Configure your clinical studies to meet your specific needs using a visual or offline tool. With an end-user friendly guide and the ability to re-use libraries, you can get from design to deployment faster than ever.

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Designing Your Clinical Study Couldn’t Be Simpler

Your team can choose to design the study on their own with our intuitive interface or take advantage of our in-house trial design team to aid in the study building process. Our trial designers can lead you through our established eCRF design process including:

EDC System Configuration

eCRF Specifications

eCRF Design & Testing

Validation Check Specifications

Validation Check Design & Testing

External Data Import (if applicable) – Develop & Test

Final System Testing

Trial Design

Key Features and Benefits

Intuitive Design Tools

From design through UAT and deployment, utilize our Visual Architect for an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface for rapidly designing and prototyping studies. Or, leverage an offline design tool via Excel with features intended for a power user.

Retain Control

Designs and changes can be immediately viewed in the Trial Design environment before committing files into the versioning repository. As the study continues through the deployment process, Trial Design offers a Test environment and tracks user acceptance testing within an Approval environment.

Simplify Mid-Study Changes

Datatrak has created a unique process that implements mid-study changes with no required study downtime or movement of study data, while allowing users to stay online. This ensures your trial stays on track and eliminates risks associated with migrating data.

Experienced Team on Your Side

With extensive experience in the life science industry, Datatrak’s team of experts can support your trial design phase across all type of trials. From requirements to testing to mid-study changes, we have you covered.

Streamline Your Design Process

We offer multiple environments that manage design, validation, training, and user acceptance testing to help streamline your design process. Start your quality reviews earlier in the process by releasing the eCRF for testing while the trial designer works on the validation check design.

Kickstart Your Trial Swiftly

We want to help get your trial set up quickly and correctly to keep your timeline on track. Reduce time to deployment with our intuitive guide and the ability to re-use libraries of questions and eCRFs.

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Design Your Next Clinical Trial with Datatrak

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