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Datatrak Direct

Conduct your decentralized trials with our all-in-one iOS or Android app. Whether your trial is decentralized or site-based, use our ePRO, eCOA, and eConsent solution to capture your study data, patient consent and eSource data directly from patients using their own devices anytime, anywhere.

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Centralize Your Clinical Trial Data

Whether your trial is hybrid or decentralized, simplify the capture of digital data from patients and sites, while enhancing the quality of data with Datatrak Direct and the Datatrak Enterprise Platform. 

ePRO, eCOA and eConsent

Key Features and Benefits

Decentralize Your Trials

Enable virtual participation by collecting information from wherever the patient is, giving you a new and more convenient way to conduct clinical trials that goes beyond site visits. With our smart app, you can connect to eSource, real-world evidence (RWE), and wearable devices for digital patient data capture.

Flexible Design Capabilities

Build forms the way your team sees fit and make set up a breeze with pre-built libraries of standard ePRO forms. No programing knowledge required with our easy to use drag and drop interface. You are in control of how to optimize design for usability across patient populations.

Clinical Trial Design

Increase Patient Engagement and Retention

Harness the power of informative videos, questions to measure comprehension, diagrams, and images for increased comprehension and study retention. To keep patients on track, there is an option to notify them directly through the app to make timely diary and assessment completions.

Centralized Data

All patient-entered data is instantly stored on our Datatrak Enterprise Cloud. Bringing all of your data under the umbrella of a single enterprise platform allows you to cleanly leverage powerful Business Intelligence utilities to gain better oversight and more actionable insight into your data.

Ensure Accuracy

Reduce confusion and error by enforcing workflows and data through edit checks based on the protocol. With clear insight into the patient provided data in one centralized location, this enables higher quality of data in real time.

Improving Trial Diversity

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are all important facets for sponsor teams to focus on. Throughout the lifecycle of your trial, you can meet the criteria of these facets by using Datatrak Direct, so patients all across the globe can participate, stay on track and complete the trial like never before.

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Datatrak Services and Support

Our team is here to work with you to offer resolutions, implement changes, aid with design, and more. Reach out to see what we can do to help you today.

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Capture Patient Data Anytime, Anywhere

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