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Leading-Edge Medical Imaging Capture Solution

Datatrak offers an effective approach for managing imaging components of a clinical trial. Our platform can accept any type of file, including DICOM, JPEG, audio files, text documents, and much more.

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Secure Image Management for Your Clinical Trials

Empower users to analyze and automatically anonymize files, select specific roles to view, and create specific adjudication processes. Teams can safely work with real-time data without engaging in the complicated exchange of data across other systems.

Imaging and Endpoint Adjudication

Key Features and Benefits

Two Powerful Capture Methods

Our platform enables data files to be uploaded from both users and automated systems. Intelligent workflows ensure validated files are uploaded and inserted into the appropriate locations dependent on studies and roles or permissions.

Endpoint Adjudication for Any File

No need for costly third-party vendors. Combine image reader adjudication within our unified system. Based on the type of file uploaded, Datatrak can help create a workflow to fit your trial’s specific review needs.

Centralized Data Location

Data sharing at your fingertips with enhanced quality of image reads for remote viewers. Display metrics on image anonymizations, quality assurance, assessments, assessment metadata and much more across our EDC and CTMS dashboards.

Protect Patient’s Privacy

From DICOM to text files, there is a process for removing private patient information from numerous type of files. Datatrak will automatically anonymize Protected Health Information (PHI) on any data uploaded.

Instant Data & Quality Checks

Client-specified information is automatically displayed into the appropriate clinical trial eCRF with the necessary quality checks and notifications automatically triggering based on the specifications of the study set up by the user

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Datatrak Services and Support

We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the time and support every user deserves from the start with training and access to our 24/7 Solution Center. We are here for you.

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Simplify Your Image Data Capture

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