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A Reliable Tool for Essential Trial Supply Management

Datatrak supports all types of protocol randomization requirements to ensure balance, eliminate selection bias, and limit predictability while dispensing, controlling, and automating drug and treatment supply fulfillment.

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A Seamless Addition to Your Next Clinical Trial

Datatrak can simplify all of the aspects of the randomization and trial supply management process online, allowing for a safer, faster, and more improved workflow for your study. This easy-to-use tool can be a standalone feature or added on to one of our solutions.

Randomization &Trial Supply Management

Key Features and Benefits

Flexibility that Fits Your Needs

Configurable applications enable you to implement simple randomization schedules to complex algorithms depending on your protocol specifications. Leverage blinded and un-blinded roles to control who is able to view your inventory and randomization events.

Maintain Compliance

We excel in industry standards compliance to help clinical studies become more efficient, safer, and easier to submit to regulatory agencies. This includes being 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Inventory Management

Our platform provides a real-time view into the supplies during a clinical trial, allowing users to efficiently plan and manage them in one centralized location. Automate and track shipping online to help optimize the trial’s timeline and stay on top of resupply.

Instant Trial Supply Insights

Utilizing our cross-study reporting modules within our unified platform gives you visibility into your inventory across all studies. Search, filter, and export supply figures or upcoming expiring supplies at sites in one central location. 

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Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

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Clinical Trial Design

Datatrak Trial Design streamlines the entire eClinical design-to-deployment process using a single tool, with no downtime for mid-study changes.


View and control all clinical operation information and workflows for your trials in one seamless and configurable platform.

Datatrak Services and Support

We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the time and support every user deserves from the start with training and access to our 24/7 Solution Center. We are here for you.

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Dynamic Central Randomization

Randomization and the management of trial supplies is a critical factor in clinical research. In this white paper we review several major randomization approaches currently used in clinical trials. We also describe the Dynamic Central Randomization (DCR) method that was defined, tested and implemented as part of Datatrak’s eClinical solution. 

Benefits of Implementing EDC & Medical Coding with RTSM

Technology advancements for the clinical trials industry has created cost savings in all areas of the trial process. Web-based systems drive efficiency in trial design, randomization, clinical supply management and more. 

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