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A Day in the Life of a Datatrak Learning Solutions Specialist

A Day in the Life of a Datatrak Learning Solutions Specialist

By Christine Wolford, Learning Solutions Specialist

I’m just going to put this out there...I’m popular. Really popular. There’s simply no denying it. Not “Mean Girls” popular, but I’m definitely in-high-demand popular. As a Datatrak Learning Solutions Specialist, I have the unique position of collaborating with every department of our organization AND I also interact regularly with our clients and end users. See? Popular. One aspect of my role is acting as an internal corporate trainer. I train incoming employees about our company, industry, and products. When we launch new products or enhancements, I take part in user acceptance testing, document detailed work instructions, and the training of our staff.

Every release takes a great deal of effort from many teams; I’m proud to be part of the process that offers our clients new features and functionality. Not that I don’t love my colleagues (they’re pretty great), but the real excitement is found in training our external audience. While traveling to client offices and investigator meetings, I have met many fascinating, kind, and devoted individuals. Our industry is full of compassionate people who are always willing to have an open dialogue about where the industry needs to go and how we can all help each other get there. Every trip brings enlightenment and new friends.

When most people think about trainers, they think about someone who communicates. They’re not wrong, but the truth is that the most crucial part of communicating is listening. Spending all of that valuable time with our clients and their end users provides me the opportunity to just listen. I listen to their needs, their processes, and I love gathering their feature wish lists. Whether it’s hearing how clients plan to utilize CTMS or listening to a ballroom of users delighted with a new EDC feature, that feedback is gold. Our clients’ thoughts and needs are always at the forefront of every internal call and every internal meeting. What do you suppose happens after these trips, when I get back to the office?

Our product team can’t wait to spend time with me to hear feedback and requests, straight from our end users. Seriously, it’s difficult to be this popular all of the time. Datatrak’s commitment to providing their users with the best industry tools means I’ll never be bored. I have to say, that makes for a great career projection for someone who likes to talk and loves to listen as much as I do. Will I see you on my next trip?