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Clinical Trial Site Communications – A Must Have

Clinical Trial Site Communications – A Must Have

By Jordan Regula, Marketing Coordinator

“Communication is key.” A saying that will never go out of style.

In today’s world, this mantra means a lot more than it used to. Keeping lines of communication open is the path to staying afloat in difficult times. Clinical trial sites are no exception. The question is how do all of your research sites stay connected, especially these days.

During a pandemic or any day to day operations, there is nothing more important than having all personnel staying in touch with each other. Whether it be about new protocols, procedures, site movements etc. everyone involved in the study needs to stay in the know. The messages must be conveyed in the most clear and concise way to help get points and ideas across in the best way possible. Effective communication processes not only help teams get things done but it also builds trust between members that will ultimately increase productivity. Success comes from everyone being on the same page throughout the entirety of a clinical trial.

An issue that arrives through this trend is that sometimes there are too many forms of communication. People can have emails flooding their inbox, phone calls at all hours, multiple text messages, instant messaging etc. that can bog them down and lead to small details falling through the cracks. There has to be a solution that ensures that all involved in a clinical trial do not miss any important pieces of information.

Datatrak CTMS has the answer. Our powerful Communication Manager allows for you and your team members to send and receive emails directly through the platform. These messages can be site specific and sent to study teams or individuals to aid the trial progression. It also works for those who aren’t even in the platform too. You can send an email to someone outside of the CTMS and they can respond through their email system and you will receive it inside of the Communications Manager. Group messaging inside of the platform keeps everyone in the loop and aware of what needs to be addressed in the same location that they are already in to complete their daily tasks.

Our Communication Manager quickly lets you see who has and has not responded to the emails in order to stay on top of deadlines and not fall behind. Today, when face-to-face contact may not be an option, this Datatrak specific feature permits clinical trial sites to stay in constant contact no matter what is happening in the outside world. The main focus is keeping studies moving on the path to success and getting to market faster. Visit our website to learn more about our CTMS Communication Manager and how it works.