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Datatrak CTMS expanded with Business Intelligence

Datatrak CTMS expanded with Business Intelligence

By Ryan Evans, Product Manager

Clinical trials contain hundreds of millions of data points that can be used to help identify trial issues or trends. Not surprisingly, this data is often difficult to manage, understand, or use effectively. Datatrak’s comprehensive set of tools provide an easy to use option that will assist users in managing all study data, and with identifying key outliers that are critical to their clinical trial process. This is made possible through the use of Datatrak Business Intelligence, integrated into Datatrak’s CTMS.

A wide range of clinical data types can be uploaded into Datatrak Business Intelligence. This includes data captured in Datatrak Enterprise Cloud, medical images, labs, patient devices, outside systems, Internet of Things (IOT) data, and data modeling. With decentralized studies becoming more and more common, being able to accept and visualize different data sources is critical to the success of current and future studies. And with dashboards that contain a variety of visualizations such as tables, maps, pie charts, bar graphs, and forecasting charts, all of your data is displayed in easy to understand ways.

Datatrak Business Intelligence has 3 key benefits and features:

Risk Based Monitoring

Past data points help reduce the possible risks and associated costs that may occur in your current studies, while giving you more accurate and immediate forecasting. With predictive analysis, you can see the path your study is taking and make critical trial decisions accordingly. Determine when you will hit your Site enrollment targets with the Site/Study Site Enrollment dashboard, or your Study enrollment targets with the Study Enrollment & Forecasting dashboard.

Clinical Data Management

The data stored in Datatrak Business Intelligence gives insight into a multitude of data sources for clinical trial management and forecasting. Gain full insights not only into your own studies but a variety of variables from across the industry related to your trials. View personnel data including a map of their locations with the Active Study Personnel dashboard, Site and Study Action Items data with the Action Item Aging dashboard, or Regulatory Submission data with the Regulatory Submission Times dashboard.

Data manipulation at Your Fingertips

Empower your teams to discover your data through various filtering and sorting capabilities.  Produce a wide array of different visualizations for all of the Datatrak Business Intelligence dashboards. These dashboards make your trial data easy to understand by offering filtering and sorting capabilities that can be used to get the specific data you need.

The world of clinical trials is rapidly evolving, with new data sources and data points being added daily. With Datatrak Business Intelligence, you’ll be equipped with the tools to thrive in this ever changing landscape. To find out more about how Datatrak Business Intelligence can help you make the most of your clinical trial data, please contact us.