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Datatrak Enterprise Cloud Release 14.6.0 Brings New Expanded Functionalities

Datatrak Enterprise Cloud Release 14.6.0 Brings New Expanded Functionalities

By Niki Kutac, VP of Product Management and Marketing

Datatrak is committed to continuously develop and add features to the Datatrak Enterprise Cloud Platform to ensure our software meets the needs of our customers today and in the future. Recently we deployed a large release that introduced advanced features that further empowers our clients to configure our eClinical platform based on their specific clinical trial requirements. The 14.6.0 Release provides new functionalities, expanding on the already extensive list of features that the Datatrak Enterprise Cloud has, such as:

Site Monitoring Planning – In our CTMS, we have greatly enhanced the ability to plan, schedule and conduct site monitoring visits. With the new reality of ever-changing plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this feature allows for comprehensive planning and scheduling that creates the flexibility to overcome these unforeseen challenges.

Advanced Data Cleaning Restrictions – Datatrak EDC has always provided cutting-edge visibility and workflows for eCRFs, but now we added the option to make data cleaning restrictions based on role and eCRF. With the growing complexity and need for expert reviews, clients can now control specific permissions for improved data quality.

CTMS Collaboration Task – With an increased need for clear communication across virtual teams in today’s environments, we have added a collaboration task management tool to the Datatrak CTMS.  Users can query CTMS data and process those queries through workflows for resolution. Therefore, providing a central collaboration location for clinical trial staff and stakeholders to foster faster identification and resolution of potential issues.

Expanding Batch Data Cleaning – One of the unique features of our EDC managers, beyond the ability to filter and search across records, is the ability to perform data cleaning in batch. We have expanded the granularity of these actions down to the question level providing data cleaning team’s additional tools to swiftly clean their data for a quicker database lock.

Furthered the API connections within CTMS – The Datatrak CTMS API connections were expanded to allow for more integration points with other eClinical systems used during trials, further reducing redundant data entry and up-to-date data.

More Flexible Regulatory & Action Item Management – Our Regulatory and Action Item tracking in CTMS offers users the capability to generate lists based on existing spreadsheets that have been used for years to track submissions and action item resolution. Expanding that flexibility to create additional checklists within the interface now allows users to increase their usage of this revolutionary feature.

If you would like to learn more about these features or any functionality within the Datatrak Enterprise Cloud please request a demo.