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Simplifying the Regulatory Submission Process With A Modern CTMS

Simplifying the Regulatory Submission Process with a Modern CTMS

Our CTMS Product Manager, Patrick Smith, will be presenting an @ACRPDC Webinar! Sign up and learn more at This session seeks to discuss the experience of DATATRAK International in collaborating with a CTMS focus group comprised of our user base to develop a technical solution for managing regulatory tracking in the course of clinical trials. In this talk we will highlight some of the key learning points we encountered along the way in areas like communication of needs and engagement. We will discuss the lifecycle of this particular feature, and the reasoning that has gone into its current inception. We hope to convey, in the course of this webinar, the profound value to be had in close collaboration between the consumers of Clinical IT products and the vendors that produce them, as well as the barriers that often stand in the way of this process. At the same time these ideas will be presented in the context of a particular feature set that will educate viewers in the methods by which technology found in a CTMS such as ours might be leveraged to streamline the regulatory document tracking process. Upon completion of this Webinar, attendees should be able to:
  1. Better engage as consumers of clinical research IT with tech providers through insight into the collaborative development process.
  2. Understand better the manner in which our IT platforms can be grown to suit user needs, and some of the pitfalls that inhibit the lifetime growth prospects of an IT platform.
  3. See the benefits in bringing technological solutions to the space of Regulatory Submission in clinical trials, and the way in which the aforementioned topics relate to DATATRAK’s own experience in developing this feature of our CTMS.
Speaker Patrick Smith is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS in Computer Science and has worked at DATATRAK international for 5 years in a variety of capacities. Currently he operates within Product Development and has most recently served as a primary lead in the design of DATATRAK’s two year CTMS development effort. In addition, he works to conduct product demonstrations and to provide internal training and learning for Sales and other departments within the company.