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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Life Sciences Industry – What Happens Now?

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Life Sciences Industry – What Happens Now?

By Jordan Regula, Marketing Coordinator

There are still a few months left in 2020 and it has already left a permanent mark on the life sciences industry. No one could have predicted how the COVID-19 pandemic would affect clinical research but now that it has happened there is no turning back. This unprecedented event shone a light on issues plaguing clinical research sites and how clinical trials were currently being conducted.

Due to the pandemic, measures were taken and sites had to restrict on-site visits meaning they also had to reduce staff or stop their trials indefinitely. From paper forms to on-site monitoring, it was quickly realized that certain studies and sites were not equipped to handle these unforeseen circumstances. Due to this lack of flexibility and technology, many important and essential trials came to a screeching halt. What does this mean for the future of clinical trials?

The industry as a whole has to figure out a plan to overcome these obstacles and evolve for clinical trials to occur in a post COVID-19 world. The next steps that clinical sites and sponsors choose to make will be crucial for their future trial successes.

There is an imminent need for technology and procedures that will allow research to continue even when the world may seem to stop altogether. The time is now to invest in an eClinical solution that enhances the quality of patient data and also simplifies the collection and monitoring of data, whether it be at a research site or virtually.

Our main goal at Datatrak is to produce intuitive options that provide stability in clinical trials. With Datatrak EDC and CTMS combined into one unified platform, clinical researchers and sponsors can run their trials without interruption. All patient information and study data is located in a centralized and secure location that can be accessed by the permitted parties anywhere in the world.

Remote monitoring will be essential in moving forward to ensure that trials can continue even when personnel can’t be physically on-site. Our platform supports the management of study documentation with easy-to-use modules for Source Data Verification, Data Review and eSignature all in real-time. With such configurable features your team decides metrics for every step of the clinical trial workflow and customizes them to your specific study needs.

Flexibility will also be key for progressing into this new era. Clinical research sites need the ability to change how they conduct their trials in an instant whether for internal or external factors. With drag and drop EDC features, the ability to remove or add modules when necessary and quick mid-study implementation, Datatrak is here to help. Things will not be the way they were before but together we can advance and adapt to continue to save lives.