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Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? Flexibility to Go Virtual

Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? Flexibility to Go Virtual

By Lauren Sims, Datatrak Product Manager

It seems that the world as we knew it stopped in its tracks with the onset of the pandemic in 2020. And with that, so did very crucial clinical research. Organizations quickly began to invest in a technology that was not a new concept, but one that was just on the horizon and already being explored. New technology that would allow the clinical trial process to continue with no face-to-face contact or in-person site visits. The ability to go virtual, and doing it in the easiest way possible, became even more important than ever.

Now what? GO VIRTUAL!

No complicated tech or connections. Just a simple but powerful way to continue research virtually. That is what Datatrak offers to our clients. An opportunity to go virtual, at a time when it might be the most needed.

With our unique and intuitive smart app, Datatrak Direct, patients can use any device they feel comfortable with to perform tasks that used to be only supported through the time-consuming process of on-site visits and using paper documents. These tasks become cumbersome and sometimes confusing with printed legal jargon and instructions, and the anxiety of being on the clock on site. Now with eConsent, participants can review and complete consent forms electronically from the comfort of their own home, and from anywhere in the world.

With the Datatrak Direct app, clients can create instructional and informational videos, or provide links to drafted or online content. These tools help the patient to better understand consent details, the expectations, and how important their role in the clinical trial process is. Clients will provide easy access to visual education for participants. The overall patient experience and understanding will improve with Datatrak Direct.

Patients involved in these virtual trials also will have the ability to fill out diaries, and provide real-time data to the study anytime and anywhere. Going virtual means making it easy to obtain trial data from patients, and doing so in a way that is more convenient than ever for them. For our clients, getting the most up-to-date information directly from patients is essential to the success of a clinical trial, and will lead to more informed decisions and better insights.

Data captured directly from the patient’s device is then stored in Datatrak’s unified platform. Centralizing the study’s data in one location has many benefits, including creating a single location for site staff to view all data points across the board. This means that site monitors and clinical trial staff can now stay involved in a study without having to actually go to a specific location or travel. Now they too can work remotely, and have immediate access to view patient data whenever, and from wherever.

The goal of Datatrak Direct is for clinical trials to allow clients to adapt to today’s world, and move toward a better future. One where the studies are not put on hold, and where patient participation and experience is better than before. Learn more about Datatrak Direct on our website or reach out to one of our experienced team members today to request a demo of this innovative solution.