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Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? Making Patient Retention a Priority

Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? Making Patient Retention a Priority

By Lauren Sims, Datatrak Product Manager

Patient retention is a critical part of the clinical trial process and a main component to a successful complete trial. It can also be the hardest to tackle. Keeping participants engaged has become quite an obstacle, and many of the reasons that a volunteer may choose to exit a study can be hard to address. These reasons often times include scheduling issues, financial limitations, forgetting visits or misunderstood expectations. Also with the recent pandemic and aftermath, fear and anxiety related to on-site visits has presented a new challenge for patients and providers.

When a patient leaves a trial before completion it can lead to a decrease in the study’s statistical power, increased trial costs and a longer trial timetable. All things that can be diminished with a few components put in place to encourage participation and retention.

How can Datatrak Direct help improve patient retention?

With our new smart app, Datatrak Direct, we offer a practicable solution to these issues. Datatrak Direct’s innovative features aim to keep participants engaged and enhance patient satisfaction from start to finish.

With Datatrak Direct, patients can:

  • Participate in the clinical trial process conveniently, without the need for frequent on-site visits to monitor progress

  • Use mobile devices they are already comfortable with, providing an enhanced overall experience with easy to use technology in a patient-friendly environment

  • Easily access explanation videos and simple to use forms and diaries to complete entries throughout the trial

  • Be notified of upcoming tasks and due dates through app notifications and alerts, and promptly respond

Patients will now have the convenience of participating in a clinical trial process with minimal disruption to their daily routine, and the ability to accommodate their schedule like never before. In addition, organizations gain a solution to lowering the number of patient drop outs and successfully complete more trials, leading to world-changing clinical research.

It is a win-win opportunity! Find more information about Datatrak's ePRO, eCOa & eConsent solution on our website, or contact one of our experienced team members today to learn more.

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