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Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? Powering Teams to Take Control

Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? Powering Teams to Take Control

By Niki Kutac, VP of Product Management and Marketing

The last few years has intensified the need for a new and innovative solution to capturing data from patients. Organizations also desired an advanced process that would not only benefit patients but their sites and staff too. This challenge was brought front and center when the pandemic hit. Luckily we at Datatrak foresaw the need, and had already been working on a patient direct strategy, Datatrak Direct. The powerful smart app, Datatrak Direct, provides an answer to engaging patients directly while also simplifying the collection of their data for all involved.

In a series of blog posts, we will take the time to take a deeper look at what makes Datatrak Direct truly different from other ePRO solutions.

Powering Teams to Take Control

Datatrak has always taken the approach to empower our clients with the products we offer. One key aspect we deliver on this commitment is with the ability to build and manage their own trials in our Enterprise Platform. Datatrak Direct is no different. Through a flexible design tool, clients can build forms in a drag and drop interface based on their specific trial requirements. They can utilize libraries to quickly build their forms across multiple trials. They can implement mid-study changes when needed and without hassle or downtime. All features that builders are used to while using Datatrak EDC are now available in an ePRO product, increasing ease of use and overall satisfaction.

The industry expects design functionality in their EDC solution, but the existing ePRO competitors lack this crucial feature. Demand for patient technology will only increase overtime and we believe that our clients should have the same functionality that they do in Datatrak EDC for a seamless experience. Having the power to design and validate ePRO forms give clients control in much needed areas:

  • Building forms and making mid-study changes based on their schedule

  • The speed of their study

  • Collaboration between teams during design and start-up

Along with control, Datatrak also supplies clients with options. As with our other solutions, clients have the option of having us take on the design and validation services as much or as little as a client wants. At Datatrak, the client is in the driver’s seat and our team is by their side to provide support and the necessary tools for success.

Learn more about Datatrak Direct on our ePRO, eCOA and eConsent webpage or reach out to one of our experienced team members today to request a demo of this innovative solution.