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Case Studies

Case Studies tell the story of a trial, the issue it faced, the solution, and how it all turned out.  These are great resources if you are dealing with a particular issue and provide insight into a possible approach and outcome.

Gamification Implemented by Datatrak

We analyzed Gamification in action, and developed a four-step process to implement it and saw a 300% increase in the targeted behavior.

Datatrak Strategic Partnership Efforts Recognized by PMDA

Anticipating the needs of our partners around the globe, Datatrak was recognized by the PMDA.

Dynamic Forms and Questions Optimize Your Clinical Trial Data Management

One of the benefits of our Unified Experience solutions, data entry is streamlined with only required questions and forms appearing based on patient response.

Mid-Study Change Implemented in Less than One Day and No Downtime

Powered by the Datatrak Enterprise Platform, agile implementation of mid-study changes is the new norm.

EDC Versus Paper - A Head to Head Comparison

Considering the move from Paper to EDC? A look at the benefits of each.

Getting Ready to move from Paper-Based Data to EDC

As the bio-pharmaceutical industry continues its transition to EDC the days of paper-based clinical trials are numbered.  

Benefits of Implementing EDC & Medical Coding with RTSM

Technology advancements for the clinical trials industry has created cost savings in all areas of the trial process. Web-based systems drive efficiency in trial design, randomization, clinical supply management and more.