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White Papers

Combining our decades of experience in the Life Sciences industry with the most current insights in technology and the clinical research industry.

Key Features of a Decentralized Platform

Datatrak's all-in-one platform offers clients a level of control not found in other DCT vendors.  Datatrak offers a standardized platform that allows for convenient setup and configuration.  Other vendors offer solutions that come in disconnected parts.  Read about the current state of DCT platforms and the importance in having a complete solution by downloading our full White Paper here. 

Distinguishing Datatrak CTMS from the Competition

Datatrak's revolutionary CTMS redefines industry standards. By leveraging the power of our Enterprise Cloud, we enhanced client functionality and client systems interoperability, while significantly reducing their long-term cost of ownership. Read how Datatrak distinguishes itself from the competition by downloading our full White Paper here. 

Datatrak: Delivering the Complete Unified Experience Today

Dramatically increasing costs clinical trials are under scrutiny. The need to develop more efficient treatments has become the focus of the clinical trials industry. Technology has emerged as an optimal solution amid the ongoing effort to reduce costs. 

Simplifying the Regulatory Submission Process with a Modern CTMS

See how responsive software can eliminate redundancy, reduce user error, improve workflow efficiency and deliver actionable data to streamline and simplify the management of regulatory submission in clinical trials with this in-depth white paper.

Is Unified Data a Better Solution for Clinical Trials?

In this white paper, the benefits of unified data are considered, and how it can reduce risk, improve patient safety, and result in higher quality data.

Technology Trends Transforming Clinical Trials

Mobile, Social, Big Data and Cloud: How these technology trends can transform the clinical research industry.

Using Cloud Based Technology in Clinical Trials

To maximize the benefits of Cloud-based technology, you need to know what to look for and how to manage it. This white paper will give you insight on how to do so.

Keeping Your AE-Concomitant Medication Associations Clean

With complex associations between AEs and Concomitant Medications, challenges and obstacles can arise when associations are manually managed.

Examining Rescue Studies

A look at the work and risks involved in a rescue study, and the actions that can help avoid or mitigate these risks during a deployment.

A Unified Approach to Clinical Trials

Insight on how a Unified Approach enhances the safety, simplicity, and speed of clinical trials.

Dynamic Central Randomization

Randomization and the management of trial supplies is a critical factor in clinical research. In this white paper we review several major randomization approaches currently used in clinical trials. We also describe the Dynamic Central Randomization (DCR) method that was defined, tested and implemented as part of Datatrak’s eClinical solution.