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Big Data Prepares Your Team For the Future

Over the years, the life sciences industry has accumulated a substantial amount of data from clinical trials.

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Big Data provides numerous opportunities

Big Data provides numerous opportunities for companies to use to their advantage such as uncovering data patterns and predicting future trends. Learning from previous studies can help researchers not only plan better but ultimately create better results, faster.   

Clinical trial data captured in Datatrak Enterprise Cloud, medical images, labs, patient devices, outside systems, Internet of Things (IOT) data, and data modeling can be found and used instantaneously for important trial decisions within Datatrak’s Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Key Features and Benefits

Risk-Based Monitoring

You have the ability to quickly identify issues or trends in your clinical trials.  Look back at past data points to help reduce the possible risks and costs associated that may occur in your current studies. With predictive analysis you can see the track at which your study is going and plan out decisions accordingly.

Clinical Data Management

Data cubes created inside our platform gives teams views into a multitude of data sources for clinical management and forecasting. Gain full insights not only into your own studies but a variety of variables from across the industry related to your trials with no programming necessary.

Design at Your Fingertips

Empower your teams to discover your data through point and click or drag and drop actions.  Produce visualizations for trend, forecasting, clustering, priority ranking, correlations, and statistics. Fully interactive with granualar details and shareable insights.

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Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Utilize a powerful and user-friendly system with features to enhance your trial’s data capture and cleaning.


View and control all clinical operation information and workflows for your trials in one seamless and configurable platform.

Decentralized Trials (ePRO, eCOA & eConsent)

Conduct decentralized trials while increasing patient engagement with collecting data directly from the source.

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