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Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? A Combination of Decentralized Trials and Clear Data Insights

Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? A Combination of Decentralized Trials and Clear Data Insights

By Niki Kutac, VP of Marketing and Product Management

Gaining a complete, real-time view of how patients progress through a clinical trial is imperative, especially as trials become more and more decentralized. When data exists in multiple places, it makes it difficult for teams to answer even the simplest of questions or make swift decisions in their time of need. Simultaneously, fragmented and incompatible data will also stifle innovation and minimize efficiency within your studies as well as your organization.

For years, Datatrak has worked hard to provide a unified solution to the clinical trial industry for the centralization of all EDC, Randomization, Trial Supply, CTMS, Imaging and Adjudication data.  As clinical research technology advanced, the world we live in changed and patient experience became more vital. We knew we had to provide a convenient solution for patients that centralizes the data collected directly from them, while also allowing for studies to embrace decentralization.

Datatrak Direct is an iOS and Android app that allows patients to use their own personal devices to provide their data to clinical trials on their time and anywhere in the world. With this option to appeal to the patient’s comfort, clinical trials can increase patient engagement and retention. To read more about how Datatrak Direct aims to support retention with key features, read our blog post “Why Datatrak Direct ePRO? Making Patients Retention a Priority.”

As decentralized patients enter their data in Datatrak Direct, it is then available within the Datatrak Enterprise Cloud, along with all of the other collected study data. This provides clients the ability to view and run reports and exports on any and all data from this central source which presents a multitude of advantages.

  • Faster Response Times
    A central clinical research software supplies trials with the ability to review and analyze data quickly because there are not multiple hoops to jump through. Users don’t have to use different systems to try and find their answers, instead they can go to one central tool and have all the data right in front of them in just a few clicks. With Datatrak’s unified platform providing broad visibility of data across studies and programs, users can be proactive in with identifying risks while also supplying clear insights for informed decision-making.

  • Consistent Formats
    A system that centralizes data in a singular location facilitates accessible data in a consistent format. With our enhanced reporting capabilities, users can export real-time study data into clear and concise reports whenever they are needed. Teams only have to learn one tool to run ad-hoc reports and know exactly how and where to find the answers. No time is wasted when staff can simply enter one platform and pull information in a dependable format.

  • Different Departments Working Collaboratively
    Reporting is the most powerful when key members of different departments work together on the same technology with consistent data. Providing the ability for everyone to utilize the same reports and work with the same trial data reduces redundancy and increases accuracy. Team members see exactly what other departments see, and this keeps all involved on the same page. For example, the Datatrak Enterprise Cloud technology provides the capability for the Safety team to review the exact reports and data that the Data Management or Operations teams review.

If you are ready to see how a centralized data platform, with all your decentralized patient and clinical data, can drive efficiency and better decision making send us a message today!